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Matthew F.
From the minute I made the booking until I left the office I had an absolutely pleasant time with Alder dental. Being offered water and coffee upon arrival was an excellent touch and the positive experience carried over to the professional care of the dental hygienist and the dentist.

Ashlie W.
Very thorough and professional.

Anthony S.
Great Dental care. The staff are always friendly and take excellent care throughout all teeth work. All health plans are looked after at this office so need need to do the claiming yourself. All matters are explained in detail using X-rays etc. I always leave with a good understanding of my mouth and it’s current state. They always want you to feel comfortable and give excellent customer service. I’m very happy to have Alder Dental as my dental practice.

Natasha V.
Excellent team of great doctors and staff! Very attentive, professional, knowledgeable, experienced. Beautiful stylish office and very pleasant staff!. Being myself very busy it was great that they remind me few times about my appointment time, works well for me! Highly recommended for all your dental needs! 5 stars for sure!

Jan O.
This is by far the best dentist visit experience I’ve had. Beautiful and clean space, amazing and friendly staff, comfortable and professional environment. Not dreading my next dentist visit, which is definitely a first for me.

Shellina T.
I get very nervous when I have to go see a dentist that I try and avoid it as much as possible! But I have finally found a place where they understand how I feel and put me to ease. Very friendly staff, great place. Thank you!

Paul M.
San Ramon, United States
Dr. Maria Todorovic and her staff are great! A recent example: I had fallen and badly chipped one of my front teeth – one of the upper incisors which was very noticeable and uncomfortable. Dr. Todorovic explained what may happen with the tooth as it had some movement, then went ahead and ground down the top edge (which was very jagged) and carefully placed a filling on the tooth. When she was done you wouldn’t even know it had been damaged. I was so relieved! Although I’m going back for further care to it (laser on the gum line to prevent possible infection to the loose tooth) I couldn’t be happier. Not only was the service performed quickly, painlessly (without any freezing), but the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth was very attentive and careful. All in all a most excellent experience.

Jupiter Eye
This place is small, secluded but offers really good service. I’ve been to few dentists and this one is my favorite by far. I was particularity impressed by how the fillings were done, neat and practically unnoticeable. This is one of those places where dentist surpasses your expectations. Highly recommend it!

Deanna Veltchev
Absolutely fantastic place and great service. The dentists and support staff are amazing. I would recommend Alder Dental to anyone who has a fear of the dentist — they provide excellent care and support!